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THE TIGHTEN UP MICRO CURRENT 5 in 1 SCULPTOR for Your Face + Neck + Body In Home Skin Tightener 

Electronic personal face skin beauty care tightener, massager, micro current and EMS Device. It's like having a personal trainer for your skin and appearance!

  • Anti-aging
  • Lighten Dark Circles
  • Enhance Facial Contour
  • Reduces Wrinkles


5 Functions Makes The Tighten Up Sculptor More Than a Micro Current Face Roller,
It's The Perfect Compact Sculptor and Massager For Your Entire Body!

The Tighetn Up Sculptor is like having your own at home personal trainer for your face and body. This roller not only works great  as a sculpting device on your Face but also Neck, Arms, Waist, Thighs, Buttocks and more! Work your muscles and treat your skin well every day, save Time and Money from visiting expensive treatment centers.

Revitalize your skin, sculpt your muscle and refresh your face and body's appearance for a fraction of the cost of a salon visit. With continued use, our facial massager’s uniquely shaped rollers stimulate collagen production and reduce puffiness for a toned, more youthful appearance. Our micro current stimulates muscle rejuvenation and stops signs of aging and improve elasticity and muscle shape.


  • Improves facial and neck muscle tone
  • Lifts jowls and eyebrows
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Evens out skin tone and smoothes texture
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acts as a sun damage treatment
  • Tightens enlarged pores
  • Increases product penetration


  • Blood Vessels Removal Feature
  • Pore Shrinking Feature
  • Face Lift Feature
  • Pigment Removal Feature
  • Pigmentation Correctors Feature
  • Acne Treatment Feature
  • Skin Rejuvenation Feature
  • Wrinkle Remover 
  • Dark Circles Feature

More About Our Tighten Up Multi Function 5 in 1  Skin Transformation Compact Device

Power of Vibration on Skin and Muscles

Rather than just rolling over the top layer of your skin (electronic personal face skin beauty care massager roller), the vibrating waves penetrate deeper — and bring you more benefits because of that, from de-puffed under-eyes to a plumping skin and shaping effect. Oh, and it feels extra-good on stressed facial muscles.

Benefits of Massage on Skin and Muscles

Revitalize your face and refresh your appearance for a fraction of the cost of a salon visit. With continued use, our facial massager’s uniquely shaped 3D rollers stimulate collagen production and reduce puffiness for a toned, more youthful appearance. Stop signs of aging and improve elasticity.

Facelift Feature - Benefits of Micro Current on Skin and Muscles

One of the primary benefits most are aware of with microcurrent facial treatments are its facial lifting and toning results. But microcurrent beauty and health benefits go far beyond natural facial contouring. These include Natural face lifting, Sun damage treatment, smoother and firmer skin, improved circulation and a lot more!


More About Your New Skin Transformation Device

Tighten Up Electrical Muscle Stimulation on Skin and Muscles

Until recently, facial EMS (facial lifts with electrical muscle stimulation) was something that you could only find in clinics and salons, an almost magical treatment of muscle firming that provides instant results. But now, it has become more popular and affordable than ever thanks to the Rechargeable 5 in 1 electronic face massager.

Benefits of gua sha on facial skin. The curve side of the device.

ThIs Sculpting Rechargeable 5 in 1 electronic face massager with rollers helps reduce flare-ups, redness, and the size of acne by moving congestion and improving circulation. Just remember to never use a roller on broken skin and pustules.

The finest multi functional compact sculpting massager on the market today!

Tighten Up Face and Body Sculpting  Beauty Device

Device Details:

  • Massage area: Face, Neck and Body
  • Function: Face  and Body Parts Massage
  • Style: Hand-held
  • Plug Type: USB
  • Waterproof: No
  • Material: ABS & Stainless Steel


  • Green light: Standby
  • Hot light: Mode 1 Constant heating + Vibration + Bio-wave
  • Blue light: Mode 2 EMS micro-current

How to use

Your Personal Trainer In Home Sculpting Skin Tightener for Your Face, Neck and Body

Your personal in home electronic personal trainer for your face, neck and total body.


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