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Alchemy series

Victoria’s Skin Tight Natural’s Alchemy Series draws its inspiration straight from the origins of ancient science. Alchemy connotes a discipline that is equal parts DIY craft and scientific salon and dermatologist methods. Exchange a medieval castle for your own bathroom or kitchen, a combination of high-grade made for you beautiful bottle for a crusted over an iron bowl of eccentric elements gathered in the forest or bartered from the local wizard or market. And trade a futuristic facial device and sea elements for wooden dowels and you are emulating the alchemists of the ages.

You mix and match serums, moisturizers, clarifying, brightening, firming and sculpting lotions to craft the most effective lotions and combinations to help you get baby soft, clear, beautiful dreamy skin. 

New products are always being added as we discover more skin refining technology.  When it comes to your skin and body, we don’t mess around with fillers, fluffy stuff that has no purpose but to drive up the cost. We believe in being active and living life with total joy and beauty. No sidelining! Your skin is the largest organ of your body and it needs a workout and the best nutrients to be healthy! You are the alchemist of your mind, body, and skin! Use the best, do the best so you can live the best life possible!