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Herbal Tea

Welcome to my Tea Shoppe!

My passion for tea started when I was a little girl and I got my first tea set and tea table. The tea set was adorned with a gold and pink royal theme. I couldn't wait to have my friends over so that I could host my first tea party. I got so impatient and just could not wait for real people so I dressed up my dolls and sat them at my new tea table and hosted a grand event. I must say the guests were impressed and loved it as much as I did. Yes, my passion for tea was born. I became so passionate about tea that I even grew my own in a backyard garden. That passion is what I cultivated and carried throughout my career in Health, Fitness, Beauty and life.
On one of my book tours, the Ritz Carlton was my sponsor Hotel and every afternoon they have the most fabulous afternoon tea sessions. I must admit that my favorite was the lavishly decorated Palm Court at the Ritz in London.  It was not only delicious, it was inspiring. I sat and wrote three new book outlines.
Traveling dancing, training, dieting and entrepreneurship were taking a toll on my body, energy, and immune system.  I sometimes found it difficult to find all the necessary individual teas I needed to stay healthy, energetic and on top of my game. I found myself traveling with bags of tea, and if you end up at a not too friendly airport, it would be confiscated or worse, suspected as illicit drugs lol!  I found the solution, add organic high-grade teas to my product line.  I have Detox Tea, Probiotic Wellness Tea and A Global favorite, Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder. They're always made fresh, no additives, no chemicals, non-gmo, and potent so that they work from the first cup to the last from a bag! I hope you find my teas as delightful, helpful and healthy as I and my millions of fans worldwide have.

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