Tri-Active Night Reform Serum Celebrity Hexapeptide Anti-aging Facial Serum

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Tri-Active Night Reform Serum Celebrity Hexapeptide Anti-aging Facial Serum

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Victoria’s Tri-Active Night Reform Serum Formulated with Dermatology Approved Ingredients  
  • Exfoliates Dull Dead Skin Cells
  • Reduce Dark Spots & Brighten Skin Tone
  • Improve Collagen and Elastin
  • Firms Face, Neck, Chin & Even Stretch Marks
The Alpha Hydroxy Acid and Glycolic Acid exfoliating effectiveness for repairing of dead and damaged skin are so great that you can use it on your legs, arms, and body.  Its rich moisturizers and alpha hydroxy provide soft, smooth, silky skin when used on these areas.
Victoria’s Tri-Active Night Reform Serum Formulated with Dermatology Approved Ingredients  is designed like a full out boot camp for your skin. It works while you sleep. It can help
Diminish Fine Lines and Wrinkles, Lightens Age Spots, Minimizes Pore Size, Brightens Skin, and Fades Acne Scars & Lightener for Surface Scar
Tri-Active Night Reform

1. Exfoliates by removing dead skin cells,
2. Regenerate skin so that it is healthier
3. Reduces pore size and opens clogged pores
4. Smooths fine lines
5. Evens and lightens skin tone
6 .Reduces pimples and blackheads and treat acne
7. Treats scars and stretch marks
8. Treats deep inset wrinkles and renews skin
9. Reduce and eliminate age spots and hyperpigmentation
10. Improves overall skin structure and texture at a cellular level.
Maximum Purity and Effectiveness Without Harsh Peeling
  • Enlarged pores become virtually invisible after the first treatment you may begin to experience:
  • Skin lifting effect
  • Control excessive oil output
  • Lifted, smooth and tighter skin
  • Refined and clearer skin appearance
Tri-Active’s powerful ingredients breakdown melanogenesis, the biochemical process that causes the condition of hyper-pigmentation, before, during and after color formation. This can create an even more pristine skin tone.
Dual Layer exfoliation
increases epidermal and dermal moisture in the skin stimulating collagen and elastin fibroblasts. Increases the repair and revitalization of dry, super dry and sun-damaged skin as well as minimizing deep lines and set in wrinkles.
 Fruit Extracts: Papaya and pineapple are great sources of proteolytic, protein dissolving plant enzymes.  These extracts create the perfect exfoliating and renewing formulation.

Papain for renewing skin. The protein-dissolving enzyme papain can only be found in papayas. Papain is at its highest level just before the papaya ripens, while it is still green.  This powerful enzyme dissolves dead skin and dissolves damaged skin cells so that they can be removed and brighter, smoother healthier skin grows. Papaya is amazing for blemishes, acne, scars, mature skin, breakouts, large pores, brown spots, age spots and sun spots.

Comes in a 30ml Airless Pump

We Recommend using this product at night to wake up to freshened, firmer and brighter skin. It takes
Suggested Use: Smooth evenly over face, neck and decollete or wherever you want to reform every evening after cleansing with our Deep Cleaning Refining Pore Face Wash.  Be sure to gently massage well into the skin. And wait fifteen minutes before applying anything else on your face or laying down on a pillow. Allow the cells to become totally infused with the serum. It will soak it up and start the transformation and biological enhancement at that time.  If irritates then use less or use every other day. Do a patch test on a non-obvious spot and wait a day to see if is compatible with your skin's biology.
How Long Before You See Lasting Results? It depends on many factors such as diet, hydration levels, and non-smoking. Don’t give up on your skin or your beauty, It can sometimes take two to three months and some cases up to six months for your skin to become renewed. Be Patient and Be vigilant about your skin. In a year from now, you will be so glad you did.
Here is a Skin Turnover Range Chart. Check it out!

Babies: 14 Days for skin regeneration
Teenagers: 21-28 Days for skin regeneration
Experienced Bio-age 35-50 Persons: 28-42 Days for skin regeneration
Super Experienced Bio-age 50 and Older: 42-84 Days
Start Today renewing your skin and restoring your fun!
  • SKIN REFORMING ADVANCED TRIPLE ACTION RECONSTRUCTION FORMULATION Perfect for correcting all types of skin laxity issues: wrinkles, sagging, large pores, roughness, fine lines and yucky creepiness. It is unmatched for working towards correcting discolorations. It’s ideal for light and dark skin tones. It works wonders on deep wrinkles, sun damaged skin and is ideal for Hyperpigmentation, Melasma, Freckles, Blemishes and dark spots.
  • TOTAL SMOOTH & GLOWING SKIN This Anti-Wrinkle Pore Refining, Acne Clearing formula is a unique blend of Clinically Sound Glycolic Acid, Latic Acid, Natual Fruit acids, New Generation Multi-Action Peptides, High-Grade Hyaluronic Acid and Super Fruit Extracts that work directly on the structure of your skin cell, repairing it while you sleep. It also attacks the poor pigmentation of discolored skin while enhancing the quality, elasticity, firmness, and hydration of your new skin that forms.
  • SUPERB SOLUTION FOR SENSITIVE SKIN Some multi-peel exfoliating formulas are so harsh that they dry out your skin, not ours, it’s different from other formulas because it actually regenerates and hydrates as it heals. It does not create the typical thick crusty peeling, irritation, itching problems or rashes like some other acids do. Our sensitive skin models almost always had a problem with that during some photo shoots and we are happy to report, this formula created none of those problems.
  • NO DOWNTIME! Use it while you sleep and get up and moisturize with our Retinol and be on your way. Order yours today and start working toward getting a beautiful even complexion that will make your Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Linked in photos rock! Designed to help even out skin tone without harsh peeling. Tri-Active Night Reform is designed to improve overall skin appearance, radiance and prevent further skin damage. How great will it be to have beautiful skin all the time? You deserve it
  • SAFE AND GENTLE It has even been proven safe for our post tan bikini competitors and swimsuit models that used it after their shows and shoots to smooth and even out their skin after sunbed damage or sun damage from tanning. It is gentle enough for the fragile skin on your face, yet effective enough for your hands, neck, arms, legs and other problem areas. If you want to work on improving your overall skin tone and skin quality, this formulation of multiple skin-resurfacing ingredients and skin

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