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Luscious New Silky Cream Tightens "Crepey" Skin

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Luscious New Silky Cream Erases Crepey Crepe Skin

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6 Reasons Why You Have ‘Crepey” Skin & How To Tighten It Up Fast!

   Did you spend most of the summer covered up because you were too embarrassed to show your neck, arms, or legs due to crepey skin? Have you used all the formulas out there that promise a solution only to find that after several months you still have the skin of a wrinkled pup?


Crepey crepe skin is when your skin resembles crumpled up crepe paper. It looks ‘over-wrinkled’ and can appear on your face around your mouth and jawline, neck, arms, and legs. It’s not really the result of accumulated fat like cellulite. It’s generally seen in more mature women and men yet it can be seen in people younger too depending on the cause.

Most people who suffer from crepey skin feel self-conscious and embarrassed and look forward to rainy days when they don’t have to wear clothes that expose their skin. If you suffer from creepy skin there is hope on the other side of the rainbow! This article will address 6 main reasons why you have “creepy” or crepey skin and what you can do about it.

  6 Reasons Why You Have Crepey Crepe Skin

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 1. You Are A Sun God Or Goddess 

Many people around the world have a passion and obsession with the sun and you may be one of them. You love the energy and beautiful bronze-colored skin you get as a result of basking in the rich, warm rays. However, you wear little or no sunblock because you want to get dark. This can result in crepey skin over years of sun exposure.

To fix this, avoid too much sun and repair your skin with a good moisturizer. People with more melanin don’t suffer from it as much, but they too have issues depending on how often they sunbathe and how long. If you choose to be a sun god or goddess, wear sunblock with an SPF of 30 or above. another solution If you want tanned skin, choose to wear bronzer, which is a safer alternative.

 2. You’ve Lost A Lot Of Weight!

 TIGHTEN UP Total Body CREEPY SKIN CREAM Victoria's Body Shoppe

If you have lost a lot of weight, at least 25 pounds or more, especially quickly, most likely you have crepey skin somewhere on your body. One reason it is sensible to lose weight slowly is it gives your skin time to retract. People are always seeking the fastest way to lose weight. Though this is great, especially if there is a health concern, it is in your best interest to lose weight slowly. Losing 1-2 pounds a week is about the amount you should lose to avoid creepy skin.

Drink Water To Hydrate Skin Cells

When following a weight loss diet, it is also important to drink plenty of water.

Water provides hydration keeping the skin moist, smooth, and less prone to dry wrinkly skin. Drinking at least 64 ounces per day is a general rule most doctors recommend. Always check with your physician on the amount of water you should consume daily. It can vary depending on your health.

 3. You Don't Lift Weights

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 For years, strength training or weight lifting has been recommended as part of a healthy fitness regime. If you have been one of those people who have not added weight training to your weekly routine, this could be one of the reasons why you have crepey skin. Using free weights or machines helps to strengthen the muscles underneath the skin.

Weight lifting helps tighten the skin too. It keeps the skin toned and stimulates the body to produce more collagen that helps generate new skin cells. If you have not added weight lifting to your exercise routine, now is a good time to start. Always check with your physician first to see if you are healthy enough to lift weights. If you are, perhaps work with a fitness trainer, or follow a basic beginner's weight lifting program, which can be found, on a DVD or YouTube Video.

 4. You Have Nothing In Common With The Green Movement 

 TIGHTEN UP Total Body CREEPY SKIN CREAM Victoria's Body Shoppe

Maybe you were that kid that never outgrew hating green vegetables. Eating green veggies like spinach, kale, broccoli, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, and more, provide antioxidants and phytochemicals that heal the body including the skin. Eating at least 7-9 servings per day can not only make you healthier but can help brighten your skin and keep it from sagging and wrinkling. If you really hate eating the green stuff, there are superfood powders you can add to your water or protein shakes that can do the same thing.

 5. You're Over 40 and in Pre-Post Menopause Or You're Younger And You're Thinking OMG! What's Happening To My Skin??

 As you age, there is a reduction of key hormones that keep the skin firm and tight. When you add stress to the mix you have a perfect recipe for creepy skin. I know you’ve heard this over and over, but exercise, eating right, getting enough sleep, and addressing stress really does work at keeping wrinkles in check. Taking advantage of the latest spa treatments for skin tightening can help like topical retinoid creams, fractional laser treatments, ultrasound (ulthera) treatments, cool sculpting, fillers like Radiess or Sculptra to name a few. Yet, these treatments can cost thousands of dollars. Who wants to have great skin with a busted bank account? I'm sure you don't want this! 

  6. Using Products That State A Bunch-Of-Mumbo-Jumbo But Don’t Have The Right Ingredients

TIGHTEN UP Total Body CREEPY SKIN CREAM Victoria's Body Shoppe

Just because a company says their cream or lotion will help get rid of crepey skin doesn’t mean it does. Research the ingredients. Find out if it does indeed erase or tighten crepey skin. A lot of products have more fillers and don’t the ingredients that actually help renew the skin. You may have bought products like this trusting the advertisements on blind faith.

Also, check out the company. Are the owners of these products people who have suffered from your same problem? Have they had great results? If this is not the case, move on. Try a product from a reputable company that uses organic, natural, professional strength, and dermatology-approved ingredients. This is why I recommend Victoria’s Best Tighten’ UP tightening, smoothing, and firming cream from her Luxury Line.

The models, A-List Celebrities, and personal training clients I work with who suffer from crepey skin have experienced great results and you can too!

TIGHTEN UP Total Body CREEPY SKIN CREAM Victoria's Body Shoppe 

About the product

  • TIGHTEN UP! TONE, FIRM and TIGHTEN Your Skin with the LUCIOUS NEW SILKY CREAM – Bat wings, turkey neck, saggy post-baby belly? Tired of your skin on your arms wave when you wave your hand? So was I ... This formula for me is personal! I had some loose excess skin after a sixty-plus pound weight loss. I used several different creams to firm my skin up. Now you can get everyone plus twelve more in this yummy cream. It smells like vanilla.
  • SMOOTH FACE, FIRM NECK, NEW SKIN NEW CONFIDENCE – The skin on your body needs specific elements to firm it up and restore its healthy muscle tone appearance. This luxury cream has all of them combined in one formula. You can erase time and feel confident with your arms and legs showing, This is a Brand New Concept in skincare. It’s very concentrated. It comes in a compact container, so you don’t need very much, but you must be consistent.
  • DERMATOLOGIST GRADE INGREDIENTS THAT, FIRM TIGHTEN & REPAIR LOOSE SKIN ON YOUR FACE NECK DECOLLETE & ALL OVER YOUR ENTIRE BODY: Super-concentrated potent formulation of highly active ingredients that penetrate deeply into your skin cells to restructure, restore, regenerate and, rejuvenate loose sagging skin. Our skin showing models love the instant smoothing effect, silkiness, and firming results.
  • Exclusive blend of skin-restoring high-grade ingredients, plant extracts, and organic elements that help promote healthy collagen, improve elastin for firmness and skin cell regeneration for smoothness and tightness. It's Perfect for before during and After Weight Loss and Pregnancy. It feels heavenly. It’s rich, silk, and nourishes your skin back to life.
  • RESTORING SKIN TIGHTENER - With regular use OF TIGHTEN UP age, spots fade, wrinkles diminish, collagen production is boosted, and your skin is left tighter, smoother, and firmer. The best part is, the longer you use it, and the better your skin appears. TIGHTEN UP regenerates the (structure) of your skin. We offer a no-risk 100% money-back guarantee. Nothing to lose but wrinkles. Get Yours Now!

TIGHTEN UP Total Body CREEPY SKIN CREAM Victoria's Body Shoppe

Start Erasing Your Crepey Skin Now! You Deserve beautiful radiating and Glowing Skin! Click here to buy!


 Skintight Naturals Team

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Luscious New Silky Cream Erases Crepey Crepe Skin
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