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Scar and bruise cream for skin

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This Formula Is High Grade with Very Potent Ingredients with No Fillers

Victoria’s Best Scar and Bruise Cream Benefits
  • Helps Speed Recovery of Scars and Bruises
  • Help bruises disappear faster
  • Helps restore damaged skin
  • Helps fade scars
  • Improves acne scarring
  • Help bruises disappear faster.
  • Helps restore damaged skin.
You only need a small dab directly on the scar tissue. The key to this type of a formulation is massaging the scar 2 - 3 times per day for 1 - 5 minutes. A Small Dab Is All You Need!

One of the more stable forms of Vitamin C that is potent and effective at improving scar appearances. A must have after care cream for cosmetic  fillers and cosmetic procedures.

Clear Skin Again Scar and Bruise Cream is a unique Formula that is effective on scars and bruises, but gentle on your skin. It is designed to help fade and clear bruises that you may have for various reasons, including before or after surgery. It is also designed to fade scars of all types with continued use. Depending on how old the scar is, how fast your cells heal, your diet and if you smoke, it has been shown to take longer due to the starving of oxygen to the cells.

Effective in fighting the damage of free radicals and suppressing the oxidation of lipids for an anti-aging effect. Contains High Grade Natural Ingredients. Manufactured in the USA in FDA Inspected GMP Certified Facility

Suggested Use: Clean area and dry it first. Then apply dab, a very small amount where it shows signs of bruising, expected to show bruising or on a scar you wish to fade or prevent.

Use twice a day and massage the scar applying light pressure for at least one minute up to five minutes. Continue using until the bruise fades away or until the scar fades or disappears. Make sure it is completely absorbed into the skin before you apply makeup, or put on clothing, *Do not apply on an open wound
  • THIS FORMULA IS EXTREMELY POTENT! A Small Dab Is All You Need! RENEW YOUR SKIN WITH THIS HEALING SCAR AND BRUISE CREAM: Daily Dab of Nature's Finest Elements for Treatment That Works on Scars (new and old) and Bruises. It is a powerful combination of the
  • DERMATOLOGY RECOMMENDED AND APPROVED BEST SCAR and BRUISE THERAPY High Grade Ingredients. Ideal for sensitive skin, great on oily skin and delicate on sensitive skin. Optimum for adults and children too. It not only helps improve scars and make bruises
  • MODEL'S SECRET - It's our Model's favorite after they have their beauty touch ups, fillers, Botox, etc. And it's totally a "must have" for the more "make me look totally hot" procedures. You know what I'm talking about. ¥ Designed to Improve Old Scars a
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS combined to improve and speed up the recovery of a myriad of scars that are various depths including keloids, acne and injury. Also works on cuts, scrapes, discoloration, bumps, and surgical scars including cosmetic and C-Sections.
  • OUR PROVEN FORMULA is packed with pure ingredients like multi benefit of rapid skin turnover and collage repair, Retinyl Palmitate, MSM, Shea Butter, Pure Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Aloe Vera Antioxidants and Healing Oils. We are a Cruelty Free Skincare comp

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