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How To Start and Run Your Own Profitable Beauty Business

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How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business


Victoria Johnson

Skin Care Creator, Formerly Obese to Fitness Celebrity, Author of Amazon Best Seller “How Do I Get Rich?” and online course Rock Stars Rule.

 “Victoria’s star personality presence online drove her DVD sales off the charts. Her titles sold 400,000 plus in one month, she knows how to build a business and create successful products". Kevin Weaver Celebrity Agent

Victoria is an Entrepreneur, Beauty Business Consultant, Professional Speaker First Female Nike Endorsed Fitness Athlete, Producer of Victoria’sBody Shoppe TV Show and DVD Series (“Victoria’s star personality presence online drove her DVD sales off the charts. Her titles sold 400,000 plus in one month. Ten million total DVD’s Sold! Founder of Skin Tight Naturals, A Global Skin Care Brand (Mark Goldston - CEO L.A. Gear, President of Net Zero, (“Victoria is always the leader at whatever she does, she is a Trend Setter and knows her business”)

 How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business


This introductory course is for beauty, skincare and hair product addicts with an independent entrepreneurial (self-directed) spirit who is passionate about serving, helping others improve and seeing their work being embraced by millions and would love to become financially independent.  If that’s you, you will love the ideas presented in this introductory course to building a beauty business. Imagine making money wearing your own custom creations! Not only is it possible, but it’s also easier than ever now! I know because I am doing it!

The beauty industry is an ever-evolving giant that includes the Global Cosmetics Products Market that is expected to reach USD 805.61 billion by 2023!

 How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Billion Dollar Industry

 According to Orbis Research includes various products, like haircare, skincare, oral care, color cosmetic, fragrances, soaps, and shower gels, and sun care products. The study also emphasizes on various distribution channels, such as direct selling, supermarkets, specialty stores, pharmacies, and salons.

That means if you have always loved a specific beauty item, this is the best time to make your own and get into the Beauty Business. If you have a passion for skincare, haircare, doing hair, wearing luscious perfumes, soaking in a tub filled with hot water and your favorite bath bomb! What about lathering up your beautiful bod with your favorite organic shower gel?

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Your Ideas May Be Cash In The Bank. Your favorite product started as an idea in someone’s mind. They simply acted on the idea, sourced it, created it, made a marketing plan, executed it and now they sit on your bathroom shelf, hang out as a foundation in your makeup bag, lay around as lipstick in your purse. They are just like you, they love the entire essence of self-care and seeing their love of all the products that make their lives more fun and art-filled.

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

How did they start? Were they rich? Did someone do everything for them to become a success? NO way! Some beauty business builders made their own products and sold them to friends, others started their own six-figure online eCommerce stores, many including me, sell them on the $600 Billion Dollar Online Giant, Amazon! A visionary beauty business builder named Mary Kay Ashe started a Direct Selling business to help stay at home moms earn extra money and build their own empires.

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Great Brands Started Right Where You Are

Maybe you’ve heard of Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, the brand has an estimated net worth of over $50 Million Dollars. She was a makeup artist that created her own line that has grown into a global brand. Her work has been featured on the covers of magazines including Vogue, Elle, Town & Country, and Self. Brown has written several books and is now a highly sought-out business speaker.

How about Jeffrey Star? A self-made rolls Royce millionaire beauty industry innovator. Star is an American makeup artist, musician, entrepreneur and internet celebrity from Orange County. Star is the founder of the cosmetic company Jeffree Star Cosmetics, his net worth is estimated to be over $40 Million Dollars

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Biggest New Beauty Brands Started From Scratch!

And Kylie Jenner touches millions of lives with her beauty brand and in the process made more money with her online makeup launch in one year than most make up companies with million-dollar ad campaigns did in that same period of time. She has the fastest growing beauty business in history. Thanks to the last decade of tech revolution we have more tools available to us today than our parents had in their entire lifetime! This is a new day and I have a new way to help you get in on this timely opportunity.

Check this out; Gordon Logan took his love for hair cutting and transformed the barbershop experience. In the process, he invented a franchise called Sport Clips. It has been written about as one of America's best franchises. Their corporate office netted $4.2 million in profits on $71.6 million in revenue for the year. 


How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

She Made $10,000 While She Was Sleeping!!!

Here’s another one. Her name is Megan Cox of WINK. Megan started her business to solve a problem she had. She destroyed her natural lashes and couldn’t find a restorative product that worked. After pouring through the research and matching it against the products on the market, she found a gap. She found natural restorative ingredients that were not common in drugstore brand products. She sourced them and a manufacturer and bam, a new eyelash growth product.

She also found a massive audience who had the same problem. SO much so that one morning she woke up to find she had made $10,000 in one night. She now has a thriving six-figure business.

These are just a few of the millions of entrepreneurs that have taken their love and passion for beauty and turned it into a thriving profitable business.

Does it take a lot of hard work? Speaking from personal experience, YES!

Are there frustrations and failures along the way? YES!

Is there room for your new product ideas? ABSOLUTELY YES!

As a matter of fact, there are more opportunities today due to the nature of social media-driven eCommerce than ever before. There are NO geographical boundaries.

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Service Businesses Can Now Pay Big!

 You can be a service-oriented beauty business in your local city, or you can be an online retailer selling your very own made body butter all over the world! All options are here for you once you get introduced to the steps, I outline for you about the inner workings of the industry.

I have created this course to introduce you to the possibility of creating your own beauty brand and business. Your future is in your hands, don’t let it be up to anyone else to tell you what you should be doing.  You decide you control your destiny and you define your purpose. All you need is some help and a mindset that I will share with you. That’s right, the same mindset I used to turn my life around from obese to fitness model and being so broke I only had twenty-five cents in my pocket for lunch!

 How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Your Creative Imagination and Passion Can Make You Rich and A Wonderful Servant!

Imagine having enough money to live anywhere you want, vacation any time you want and pay off all your school loans, become debt-free and help people because you have the financial ability, along the way.


How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Life is meant to be lived, shared, enjoyed and explored.

Are you going to work your life away building someone else’s dreams?

That’s what I did until I believed in myself enough to believe in my own ideas and embrace my creativity and power.

What about you? Are you going to eke out a miserly living only to regret what you could have done or worse yet, who you could have become?

Take it from me, my self-belief was so twisted that I spent my youth wasting away from anorexia only to kick that and to become obese and detached from the world. I had so many different ideas of things I wanted to do, places I wanted to visit and people I wanted to get to know, but I didn’t.

I let fear, doubt, anxiety and other people’s opinions of me paralyze me. I was literally afraid to wear certain clothes to school because they weren’t what the popular kids were wearing. I missed so much of my life being afraid to go for my dreams I wish I had someone like me in my life!

With my Online Course, You Can Get It Started!

I did get healed of all my mental self-destructing addictions and allowed my true power to shine! Thank God I did, it took me to beautiful places, made me my own TV Fitness show, got me a contract with eh NBA working with athletes, Fitness Model and Spokesperson for Nike, LA Gear and Adidas! 

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

It took me to Amazon Best Seller’s list, made me three different product lines and now it has given me a GLOBAL SKINCARE Beauty Business that has provides me even greater financial independence!

 If a little chubby girl who was afraid of her shadow could win the battle of self-hatred to rise out of poverty and live in one of the poshest neighborhoods in these beautiful United States, I know you can. 

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business
DO This Amazing Course Right Form Your Table or Dorm Room!

In this online course, you will learn how to think like a business owner. You will learn how to find products, brand your own line and find out if you can really do it? You have to know now. You may take the course and decide it’s not for you, but…imagine if you took it and found your purpose and passion all in one place.   

Get Started!

We have a narrow window before more people find out about this so you have to act fast! sign up now and see if this is something you can master. Imagine if your next idea was done by someone else and you didn’t act on it and someone else steals your success! 

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Shark Tank is Looking For Your New Beauty Invention!

Imagine that success can even get you on TV!  Yes, how about creating a product that you use in your business that is so amazing, you are invited to Shark Tank? What is that? In case you were lost in space, "Shark Tank" is a reality game show where entrepreneurs with great (and not so great) ideas get to pitch to big entrepreneurs who could financially invest in your business and help you get on QVC, work with franchises and even get your creation on the shelf of major retailers.  It’s no wonder that one of their major categories to feature Beauty Products!

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Don’t be left out! You can’t do it if you never learn the steps it takes to create your business and invent your product, that’s why this course is so valuable. No one taught us this in school or at a job. When you have a job, all they want is for you to make them money and make them well known! No more, you don’t have to give your best ideas to people who don’t appreciate it. DO it for yourself, join the millions who are making their own money, vacationing when they want, going to the beach in the middle of the week, skiing any time of the year because you can fly to where-ever there is snow anytime you want.

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

Media Star to Influencers

Think about this.. remember when being an influencer was rare five years ago? Yes, it was for the Insta-celebs that had millions of followers like fitspo’s, jokesters, actresses, actors, and the Kardashians? lol, not the beginning, anyone with 10,000 followers real or bot can become an influencer and make money posting a selfie holding a watch! Imagine if you could have been one of the original influencers that were making hundreds of dollars an hour? Doubt, fear, and hesitation are the enemy of greatness!

Do you want to risk not knowing? No, you don’t! Sign up today and start programming your mind how to build your own business and craft your own exciting destiny while living your dreams!


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Two Important Questions.....

Who is this for?

This course is for those who want to step outside the day to day job grind to learn how to start your own beauty business and explore the process of making your own million-dollar product and make it a brand. Whether you’re a professional beauty service employee like a hairstylist, makeup artist, facial aesthetician, laser specialist, skin expert, barber, etc. or run your own gigs as a side hustle, this course opens your mind and sets you on a path to running your own life, making your own money and using your talent, skill, and creativity to make something great that can unleash your true entrepreneurial spirit.

 How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

What Will You Need To Use This Course Effectively?

Art of cooperation.  You must have an open mind to realize that you can't take this journey alone and that you will have to have massive cooperation and a heart of commitment to rise to the role of leader and visionary.  You must love to help others and have a BIG Dream.  This is not for the dabblers; this course is for you if you can take an idea and work with it until it manifests. It can help you change your outlook on business, ownership and wealth building in a way you have not thought of.

How To Start and Run a Successful Beauty Business

YES! It's Possible Live Your Life of Wealth, Power,                     Independence & Freedom!

There is no way you are going to get every answer in a course that is less than a thousand pages, but if you want to start the process correctly so that you don’t spend thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of wasted time, this is your course. This is your road map. It’s your foundation for plotting your process to great wealth, power, independence and freedom to not end up sitting at a desk waiting for someone else to determine your destiny!

Don't wait another minute, get this program today and start building your dream life of fame, fortune and living your passion. There are limited programs available, so click below and see how easy it is to start! XOXO Victoria

 Check it out now! 



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