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Marionette Lines: 5 Tips For How to Look 26 at 48 Naturally

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Marionette Lines: 5 Tips For How to Look 26 at 48 Naturally

Snag Sutton Foster’s Anti-Aging Skin Care Routine To Look 20 Years Younger Too!

Marionette Lines: 5 Tips For How to Look 26 at 48 Naturally


The moment I discovered Sutton Foster’s age, I said, “No Way!”

No wrinkles? No crows feet or marionette lines around her mouth? Wow! She's perfect for her role as a 40-year-old divorcee who fakes her identity to get a job with a publishing agency after her best friend gives her a makeover. In real life, a makeover may not turn back the clock 20 years but Foster’s anti-aging skincare routine sure does. Her skin is amazing and based on her natural glow and flawless complexion, and after reading her biography,  I believe she follows a not-so-common 5 step anti-aging skincare routine to erase away wrinkles, loose skin, and marionette lines.  

Starts With A Serum - Sutton has an even complexion minus dark spots, hyperpigmentation, melasma, and fine lines around her eyes and lips. Hyaluronic acid and Vitamin C serum are what can achieve this. Especially if it is a professional grade and all-natural ingredients. 

 She Uses An Advanced Moisturizer. Her skin is like Korean Glass Skin and that can happen if she is using a moisturizer with an ingredient called Matrixyl. It helps your skin produce double the amount of collagen compared to other moisturizers. It delivers advanced skin tightening up to 20% more and decreases wrinkles by 44%. It helps reduce crows feet, creepy skin, marionette lines, and more. 

She Definitely Uses Eye Cream. Everyone should wear eye cream. Because she doesn't have dark circles under her eyes and fine lines around her mouth, I believe she uses an eye cream with vitamin c as well.  but she has zero circles under her eyes so she probably uses From squinting to sun exposure, sleepless nights to hormonal imbalance, your eyes show it all the good, bad, and ugly. Eye cream is a necessity. Find one that has nutrients like vitamin C and hyaluronic acid both of which helps to brighten and lighten dark circles and smooths fine lines.

Stem Cell Treatments - Sutton is a naturalist, so if she is not getting stem cell injections she is using a plant-based stem cell skin rejuvenating moisturizer and speeding up skin tightening process with a home skin tightening device. Stem Cell rejuvenation creams over time can make you look as if you've had botox treatments and help reduce expression lines like crows feet, forehead wrinkles, and marionette lines. 

Starts And Ends Her Day With A Skin Tightening Cream - To really get a flawless complexion, she may use a very effective skin tightening cream morning and night. She's close to age 48 and doesn't have "creepy" skin or extremely dry skin that looks like crepe paper. Usually, crepey skin develops around age 40 but can occur as young as 20 years old! A superior skin tightening cream should be multifunctional, meaning it should work on all areas of your body, like your arms, stomach, knees, and legs. If she is not using Tighten' Up, she should be! 


What Does TIGHTEN' UP!  Do Best and Why Do You Need It?

Tighten Up is unmatched in the market. It is a twenty-plus ingredient formulation of dermatology grade elements that instantly help to soften and smooth the effects of crinkly crepey skin, slow down the progression, and increase the production of new smooth skin cells, collagen and elastin in the skin as it tightens, firms, and helps speed skin cell turnover while reducing further skin damage caused by excessive sunbathing, tanning beds, smoking, UV light damage, dehydration, weight loss, unhealthy eating, mediations and more.

Researchers have found that massaging these ingredients in many cream form directly on the body can increase the amount of collagen the skin produces in a shorter period of time, that is what makes your skin tight, Clinical trial using the elements produced these results:

Marionette Lines: 5 Tips On How to Look 26 at 48 Naturally

  • Reduction in sagging skin
  • Reduction in crepey skin texture
  • Reduction in wrinkle depth
  • Reduction in stretch mark lines
  • Increase in skin tone
  • Models, athletes, and precious users are seeing these results
  • Restores extremely rough crepey wrinkled dry skin.
  • Incredibly visible results in thirty days
  • Powerful fruit acid rejuvenation properties 
  • With regular use, your skin renews collagen and becomes tighter and firmer. It works even better when you use it while you work out, eat a healthy good skin diet, and stay hydrated by drinking water regularly.


Marionette Lines: 5 Tips On How to Look 26 at 48 Naturally 

Tighten Up Contains peptides, a breakthrough new technology in anti-aging skincare. Our combination of potent pure peptides helps to boost collagen production. Helps restore elasticity and tone, helps shrink wrinkles, and reduce stretch mark and other fine lines.  

When Do You Use Tighten Up?

Perfect for Before During and After Weight Loss and Pregnancy. It works even better when you use it while you work out, eat a healthy good skin diet, and stay hydrated by drinking water regularly. It can be used as part of a regular skincare routine, morning and night.

Where Do You Use It?

 Apply liberally to any area of your face body where the skin has lost its elasticity. Continued daily use for 60 days presents the best results because it usually takes about two months for new skin to appear. It is ideal for improving wrinkly, crinkly saggy skin. Below is a review from a satisfied customer! 


I can't believe it! It really does work! I'm so excited! I have been ill and lost a lot of weight. The skin on my arms hangs in horrible wrinkles. I would have done a before and after photo but I have been so embarrassed. Looking at my arms makes me cry. It is as if I have an 80-year-old body. I started using this skin tightening cream for crepey skin on March 1. I have not used it every day but I do now because I see positive results. The jar is half empty. My arms are 20% better in only about 3 weeks. I have told friends and showed them the results. They too will be ordering this cream for crepey skin. If it doesn't work for you I recommend trying another of their products instead. I chose to look at all reviews, good and bad. I make sure to read the most recent reviews when it comes to skin and hair products because formulas do get changed to improve the product. This product has worked and is working, fine. I hope it works for you too. I'm going to go look at Victoria's other product now. Have a great day!


There you have it!  As mentioned, I don't know the actual products Sutton uses however, as a skincare expert I know she values her skin and uses only quality skin care products like Skin Tight Naturals. Our products are natural & organic, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. Try Tighten' Up! today to get rid of to start your new skin journey. Try Tighten' Up today or one of our other professional-grade products. Start today! Order here


Marionette Lines: 5 Tips For How to Look 26 at 48 Naturally


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